Halabja: chemical bomb found in house

Halabja: chemical bomb found in house

A chemical bomb was found today in a house in Halabja where ‘The Bloody Friday’ took place in 1988.

The bomb belongs to chemical attack bombardment time in the second half of 1980s by former Saddam Hussain’s regime.

“A chemical bomb hit a property of a civilian in 1988 in Halabja,” Halabja mayor Goran Adham spoke to PUKmedia, “it destroyed the house but didn’t explode so that it remained there.”

“The owner builds another house on the destroyed ground after he came back home from the 1991’s uprising. He put the bomb beneath the new house’s foundation,” Adham continued.

The owner informed the local authorities just few days ago after he intends to rebuild the house, he added.

He also stated that they have visited the house and invited a special team of bomb disposal experts to get rid of the bomb.

The Halabja poison gas attack was a genocidal massacre against the Kurdish people that took place on March 16, 1988, during the closing days of the Iran–Iraq War, when chemical weapons were used by the Iraqi government forces in the Kurdish town of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The attack killed between 3,200 and 5,000 people, and injured around 7,000 to 10,000 more, most of them civilians. Thousands more died of complications, diseases, and birth defects in the years after the attack. The incident, which has been officially defined as an act of genocide against the Kurdish people in Iraq, was and still remains the largest chemical weapons attack directed against a civilian-populated area in history.

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