My visit to the Halabja monument

Lana M.

It has been a few years since I last visited the monument in Halabja, my home town. This monument has been build as a sign of respect and remembrance for the people of Halabja who experienced such harsh reality in 1988, when the Saddan regime decided to wipe out the population within the city; which resulted in death of 5000 innocent civilians and 1000′s of injuries.

Halabja gas atack

As a Halabjay walking into the monument I felt a sense sadness, when realising my people went through these horrific events, which ruined lives. Knowing my own family, my own mother was one of the people running away from the bombardments and gassing of the city, caused me lots of heartache.

I don’t think this monument covers the immensity of this event as it will never help heal the wounds of my people which they experienced in 1988.

While there, I got to meet a man who worked in the monument. He showed us a picture which was hanging on one of the walls. A picture of a man, with burns and wounds all over his body and face and a white piece of fabric…and said that the man in the picture was him. With eyes full of tears, I looked at the man and asked about his life. I was told that he was an unmaaried man, with no family left.

I hope and pray that this genocide against Kurdish people will be internationally recognised.

Never will we forget those that lost their lives on 16/03/1988, in Halabja.

gas attack

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